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The NHICC Exam and Test Centre Home Page. The NHICC is an independent Canadian federal not-for-profit 3rd party home inspector credentialing entity. We recommend that you read the "Read Me 1st" documents that provides information regarding the background for the NHICC Exams and TIPR (Test Inspection with Peer Review) process. We welcome ALL inspectors and those seeking a career in home inspections. This exam site is primarily intended for home/property inspectors that have completed an application to become a "Candidate" in the NHICC and aspire to attain the NHI credential. A modest fee is assessed for those participants that want to take the formal exam process. The links to the formal exams are password protected. The exam and process are approved where current licensing of home inspectors are mandated in Canada. 

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What transpired? National Initiative

Established in 1977, the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) is dedicated to promoting excellence in credentialing worldwide. It is the leader in setting quality standards for credentialing organizations and through its division, the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), has provided more than 30 years of accrediting services to the credentialing industry. ICE is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as a developer of American National Standards.

I.C.E. recognizes certification has become a profession that requires its own unique competencies. The assessment-based Certificate Program for the Credentialing Specialist was created to:

  • Identify the tasks required of a certification professional and the skills and knowledge needed to practice 
  • Provide a clear career pathway for individuals who are developing, implementing, and maintaining quality certification programs
  • Recognize those who have attained the requisite skills and knowledge 

Participants who complete the program and pass course assessments will earn a certificate as a Credentialing Specialist, and be awarded a digital badge to document this achievement.
Claude Lawrenson, ACI, CHI, NHI, Ret-RHI, PHPA - Credentialing Specialist

The purpose of a practice examination is to minimize the impact of irrelevant test administration effects (e.g., test format, software, modality or interface) on test performance by familiarizing candidates with the examination experience. Practice examinations may provide a raw number or percentage correct scores and/or sub scores; however, they do not provide candidates with a pass/fail status, diagnostic information or predictive interpretation of performance or success.

A practice exam is provided to give you a general idea of what to expect on the formal more detailed exam. You need to register to take the practice exam. You can take the exam multiple times. There's no fee. Entry Email:

Password Required - This is the Formal NHICC - National Home Certification Council's National Examination. You must be registered with the NHICC to have access to the exam. Contact:

NOTE: The exam development, design and access is the proprietary property of the NHICC. It may not be copied or reproduced in any form. 

Password Required - An information place for NHICC Examiners.  

Learn more about the TIPR and Process

Password Required - A modified TIPR is where special circumstances apply to the testing process. More info here.

The NHICC completed a study and report for Foreign Agricultural Worker Housing. This "seminar" is intended to provide housing inspectors, other Housing Inspection Professional as well as Realtors with the background information and technical details required to conduct "housing audits" for Foreign Agricultural Worker Housing. 

Currently the reporting varies from most provinces and territories. This seminar will help identify these differences, and discuss what resources currently exist that will help in reporting process.

Although there's no prerequisite to enroll in this seminar, it is highly recommended that the participant should have some experience in conducting home inspections. The seminar is offered in a self-enrolled modularized format and followed up by a 1 hour webinar held the 2nd Tuesday monthly . A "username & password" will be provide once you have registered for enrollment and invite from Zoom. 

A fee of $100 is required payable by PayPal or E-transfer to the NHICC for any inspector that is not currently enrolled in the NHICC National Certification Program. The seminar fee is $50 for all current (renewed) NHI's and candidates. 

Fee payment can be made through:

This seminar is offered as a free educational resource that primarily focuses on home and building inspections. A modest fee of $50 payable by PayPal is assessed to inspectors that are not currently enrolled in the NHICC National Certification Program.

The information provided is primarily based on providing information regarding Canadian Contract Law. What is considered to be “common law” today may not be the findings of a court tomorrow. Seminar credit 4 hours (CEC) This seminar is not intended to provide a definitive answer to all legal situations and does not represent the value and importance of seeking ones own legal opinion by an experienced licensed professional.

NOTE: This seminar provides continuing education credits, when participants complete the online quizzes.